What We Do


Emerson Systems has a broad range of experience working with both public and private organizations. Specializing in Telecommunication infrastructure:

  1. The scope of activities includes all the steps of turnkey implementation. The content of the service package will be matched to the needs of the customer.
  2. Full solutions portfolio including: Telecom Managed services, Telecom Managed Capacities, network Optimization, Special projects, Power Solutions & Datacenter audits.
  3. Over 240 staff members spread across 5 African countries
  4. Extensive experience in turnkey implementation of mobile network rollouts in Africa makes ABS a reliable partner for operators, enterprise customers and equipment suppliers in the design, construction and implementation of their telecommunication networks and power needs.

Our Capabilities & Experience

Offering Solutions in:

  1. Telecommunication Infrastructure
  2. Build & Maintenance for Cell Towers & Fiber Networks

Offering Solutions in:

  1. Solar PV Deployment & Maintenance
  2. Power Storage
  3. Power Backup
  4. Power Stabilization Solutions

Offering Solutions in:

  1. Storage
  2. Security
  3. Network & Collaborations for ICT Environments & Needs

Offering Provision of Installation, Testing & Commissioning of:

  1. Bulk Water Solutions
  2. Waste Water Treatment Plants
  3. Water Tanks or Reservoirs
  4. Borehole & Horizontal Vertical Pumps

As a business owner or manager, when you have a problem or need expert HR advice, we know having someone you trust on the other end of the phone makes all the difference.

Our project management solution offers you constant online access to project progress reports, a project library and site specific documentation through a single point of contact Managing expertise and all resources needed for a project to achieve full respect for:

  1. Cost
  2. Scope
  3. Time
  4. Risk
  5. Quality Management

Covers the replacement of outdated equipment and also core network transition. We also offer solutions on:

  1. Base Station Replacement
  2. Network Topology
  3. Transmission Changes & Upgrades
  4. Managing your Turnkey Projects (Right From Site Acquisition, Infrastructure Survey & Design, Site Building & Construction, Network Design, Installation, Configuration & Commissioning Of Transmissions Networks (Both MW & FOC) to Operations & Maintenance)

Our Solutions

Cell Planning

  • Cell configuration and design of expected calls, predict cell coverage area, predict capacity requirement

Transmission Planning

  • Plan for line-of-sight
  • Transmission configuration, routing & site selection
  • Location and transmission parameters

Traffic Dimensioning

  • Network element configuration based on overall calls expected
  • Diversity requirements and availability calculations

Frequency Planning

  • Ensuring compliance with the regulator and compliance to licensed frequencies.
  • Frequency and antenna selection, planning frequency usage & re-use pattern

Propagation Prediction

  • Checking signal deterioration & antenna sizes, system power and configuration and checking possible interference conditions

Coverage Validation

  • Validating site locations and uniformity of coverage

Site Survey

  • Lease and acquisition of sites and exact site location verification
  • Line of Sight (LOS) • Strategic and optimal location for sites

Site Search

  • Searching for the site and holding necessary studies to determine suitability
  • Engineering preliminary study

2G Installation, Commissioning & Optimization

  • Installation and commissioning of Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) and Base Station Controllers (BSC) such as: Motorola Base Stations, Siemens Base Stations, Ericsson Base Stations, Huawei Base Stations, Alcatel Base Stations, etc..
  • Antenna system installation and VSWR Tests, installation of feeder cables, TMA’S, etc.
  • Optimization of 2G GSM Network, antenna system sweep test, antenna orientation, azimuth & angle tilt
  • Trouble-shooting, repair & maintenance of Base station equipment, feeder and antenna systems, etc.

3G Installation, Commissioning & Optimization

  • Installation and commissioning of Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) and Base Station Controllers (BSC) such as Motorola Base Stations, Siemens Base Stations Node B & Flexi BTS, Siemens RNC, Ericsson Base Stations, Huawei Base Stations, Alcatel Base Stations, etc.
  • Antenna system installation and VSWR Tests, installation of feeder cables, TMA’S, remote controllers, etc.
  • Optimization of 3G GSM Network, antenna system sweep test, antenna orientation — azimuth & angle tilt
  • Trouble-shooting, repair & maintenance of Base station equipment, feeder and antenna systems, etc.

CDMA Installation, Commissioning & Optimization

  • Installation and commissioning of Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) and Base Station Controllers (BSC) such as Huawei Base Stations, etc.
  • Antenna system installation and VSWR Tests, installation of feeder cables, TMA’S, GPS, etc.
  • Optimization of CDMA Network, antenna system sweep test, antenna orientation — azimuth & angle tilt
  • Trouble-shooting, repair & maintenance of Base station equipment, feeder and antenna systems, etc.

WIMAX Installation, Commissioning & Optimization

  • Installation and commissioning of Base Stations such as Siemens Base Stations, etc.
  • Antenna system installation and VSWR Tests, installation of IF cables, outdoor equipment, customer premises equipment (CPE) etc.
  • Optimization of WIMAX Network, antenna system sweep test, antenna orientation —azimuth & angle tilt
  • Trouble-shooting, repair & maintenance of Base station equipment, IF Cables and antenna systems, etc.


  • Technical site survey, detailed Microwave system planning, installation and commissioning of transmissions networks
  • Data Carrier Networks (DCN) design and implementation Microwave systems
  • Optimization of Microwave Systems
  • Maintenance of transmission systems ADM (Multiplexers) installation of various range of equipment e.g. Siemens 7050 hit, 7070 hit, ECI MUX, BG 30, XDM 1000, XDM 300, XDM 500 FOC, i.e. FTTX/FTTH & last mile
  • Design, installation, commissioning and termination and maintenance of Fiber Optic cable Landline
  • Design, installation and maintenance of landlines.

You can count on our professional installation and commissioning teams to assist with your network deployment, augmentation and maintenance requirements. Emerson Systems’ experience and capabilities extend across all major service areas.

Fiber Optic Services

  • Trenching, laying, backfilling, splicing and termination of fibre.

The Technical Delivery Team

Consistent with our Mission statement we have highly skilled personnel spread across our geographical regions of operations. We are thus able to put together highly skilled and specialist teams to deliver on the client’s objectives. Our personnel have broad skills and experience in various areas of telecommunications.

Our Engineers are trained in the following Technology & Equipment:

  • Huawei Height and Microwave Certification
  • Huawei IN Platform
  • Huawei Base Stations
  • Ericsson RBS Topology
  • Siemens Flexi BTS, Node B’s, WIMAX
  • Ericsson Transmission Mini Links
  • Siemens Transmission Equipment SRAL, SRAL XD, SRA-3, SRA-4, SRT-C
  • ZTE Radio
  • Lister Pettier Engines and Generator Certification
  • Perkins Engines and Generator Certification.

Emerson Systems offers a full portfolio of integrated data center services where we work with you to assess your existing data center infrastructure and provide solutions that support even mission-critical environments. With the experience in managing complex infrastructure has propelled the availability, utilization, and efficiency of data center assets and services.

Our investment in people, green processes and market-leading technology helps provide end to end services remotely from our network of global centers. Our service delivery platform uses a high degree of automation for monitoring & administration integrated with service management tools.

Design of a Data Center

Whether you are building a new data center or providing for the ever increasing power and cooling demands in a current facility, your project will require a mix of data center specific talent and expertise including: engineering, mechanical and electrical contracting, business analysis, and project management.

Emerson Systems has been a leader in providing data center solutions. We understand the special requirements of mission critical facilities and will create the most cost effective solution that meets the demanding availability needs of your business.

Electrical Installation in Data Centers

Many data centers predate the industry’s focus on efficient technologies. From design through technology selection and installation, initial costs and uptime were the focal points because power was not a major expense or energy availability a consideration. Concerns about costs related to power consumption and the impact of the data center on the environment had not entered the corporate consciousness. At Emerson Systems, Our work is to ensure your organisation meets the required standards in design of data centers.

Data Center Maintenance

All data center designs are judged by their ability to provide continuous operations for the network services they support. When construction of the data center is complete, Emerson Systems offers a preventive maintenance service agreement to ensure reliable operation of the critical systems installed. Since we designed and built your facility, we have a thorough understanding of these systems. Therefore, our management and field technicians are in the best position to provide superior service and data center operations support.

A comprehensive service plan is specifically designed to provide preventive maintenance, reliable 24/7 emergency service and corrective service for the data center.

Emerson Systems will manage the plan through our selected service affiliates and will contract directly with each supplier of the described services. An Emerson Systems Coordinator will be responsible for:

  • Developing an annual preventive maintenance schedule
  • Coordination and tracking of all service visits
  • Physical site inspecting
  • Review of invoices for additional services
  • Review of all service reports
  • Resolution of service issues 

Data Center Auditing

Carrying out an audit of your data Center may seem like an unnecessary expense. However, this is almost always not the case. Data Center is an IT Asset for any organization that supports business operations.

Being a mission critical infrastructure of the organization, the following aspects to be ensured periodically:

  • High Availability of Data Center Services to Business.
  • Technical Adequacy of Data Center Components that meets the specifications and standards set for the business.
  • Information Security of Data Center (Physical, Environmental etc.)
  • Scalability of Data Center Services if the business is expanded.
  • An audit of any Data Center or computer room environment, whatever its size, by an independent specialist will help you to identify where costs can be recovered or where investment is needed to ensure it meets your business need.

Data Center Cooling

The cooling infrastructure is a significant part of a data center. The complex connection of chillers, compressors and air handlers create the optimal computing environment, ensuring the longevity of the servers installed within and the vitality of the organization they support. At Emerson Systems, our experienced engineers ensure that your data center is efficient.


Electrical power is the pulse of your plant. It’s vital to your operations, but also dangerous and costly. When your electrical assets fail, profits and people can suffer. Emerson Systems Electrical Reliability Services team delivers the most complete solutions for electrical system reliability and safety. From testing for problems that could disable your system, to complete turnaround execution, you’ll quickly understand how we are your single source solution for all your electrical reliability needs. Our electrical service team puts experienced professionals where you need them, when you need them. We’ll help you build reliability programs from the beginning to get your process or plant moving toward maximum capacity and minimal risk of unexpected delays. Our highly skilled design team works closely with the suppliers of modern protection systems and as such they provide innovative and leading edge solutions to our clients. Their superior design capabilities cover the following areas:

  • Design of primary plant and equipment layouts
  • Design of civil and structural engineering works
  • Design of substation secondary systems
  • Design and integration of substation SCADA and communication systems
  • Design of substation auxiliary systems

Development of all design drawings and documentation including:

  • A functional design specification (FDS)
  • Detailed design drawings covering the disciplines of protection and control, electrical, civil and structural, earthing and building installations
  • Preparation of SCADA I/O listings, relay configurations and relay logics
  • System studies and protection settings
  • Preparation of Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) documentation
  • Preparation of commissioning plans

A regular check on your equipment often prevents expensive repairs by identifying any fault or weakness as early as possible. A full report follows each visit. This gives you an update on the condition of your equipment and helps you plan upgrading, expansion or renewal. Our standard preventive maintenance service includes full test, visual check, real and simulated alarm checks, alarm history check and a full report with recommendations.

In addition to system maintenance, Emerson Systems is able to perform battery maintenance. This includes supplying all of the measuring tools and load equipment necessary to operate a controlled discharge of the battery bank and test each individual cell. All measurements are recorded and listed in a report presented at the end of the operation. Allen Bradley will craft a managed maintenance program for a single component or your entire critical power system including UPS, MBP, generators, ATS, batteries, PDU, MBD, rectifier, inverter, switchgear & air conditioning. Allen Bradley offers:

  • Semi-Annual, quarterly or monthly events
  • Critical asset management reports
  • System histories archived in perpetuity
  • Meaningful electronic service reports
  • Performance-based metrics & incentives
  • End of useful service life estimations
  • Component design life guarantees
  • Pre-scheduled maintenance events
  • Only newly manufactured parts used
  • PM scope of work based on IEEE & OEM recommendations.

High Voltage Switch Gear

Whether you are an electrical utility, a manufacturing or a processing company, Quality, Reliability, Flexibility and Safety will be critical factors in your selection of electrical switchgear and high voltage design for your concern. Thus choosing the right company for high voltage engineering service demands cautious considerations and the main organizational decision regarding safety enhancement. Our service is designed to satisfy your requirement and applicable environmental and safety regulations of your country.

Emerson Systems offers a wide range of Commercial Services & Installations:

  • Electrical Installations
  • Industrial Automation
  • Design and Build Services
  • HMI Programmable Controllers
  • Primary Transformer Supply & Installations
  • Industrial Electronic Repair

Low Voltage Switch Gear

Whatever electrical work you need, trust us to take care of it all. And with the same quality and service you’d expect from Emerson Systems.

Our experts will carry out all work quickly and efficiently, with minimum fuss. You’ll also get peace of mind as all our installations are carried out by our fully qualified electricians.

Whether you’re replacing old storage heaters or installing them for the first time, now you can have any electrical work – from a simple socket or a light switch to a full rewire – carried out expertly and safely. All our work is fully certificated to latest regulations and it comes with a reassuring 10 year guarantee.

We provide complete life cycle support for your entire electrical distribution system including:

  • Generating stations, substations
  • Transformers, PDUs
  • Switchgear, circuit breakers, panel boards
  • Relays, meters, protective devices
  • Drives, motors, starters
  • Transmission, distribution and DC systems
  • UPS, batteries, generators, automatic transfer switches
  • Cables
  • Grounding

Whether you are replacing your existing generator or installing a new generator we have the expertise to offer a diverse range of standby diesel generating plants. With vast experience in the installation of in room stand alone or paralleled generating sets ranging from 35Kva to 2300Kva we have had to adapt to subtle design variances dependent on the manufacturer.

Knowledge of the many different generator suppliers such as Cummins, Caterpillar, MTU, Deutz and Dunlite just to name a few has enabled us to provide our customers with the most cost effective solution for their unique installation. If your installation requires civil building works, ventilation systems, acoustic treatment, fuel storage, heavy machine handling, electrical and controls ABS can provide you a professional turnkey solution.

Our experienced team installs back-up and emergency generators for homes and businesses and Industries in any part of Kenya. Our residential and commercial generator installations are safe, efficient and reliable. If you already have a generator, Emerson Systems can help you protect your investment by performing regular preventive maintenance on your system, minimizing the risk of a no-start condition when the power goes out.

This includes full multi-vendor, multi-technology, both remote and on-site maintenance. BTS Site Maintenance will include:

  • Preventive maintenance through regular site inspection visits
  • Corrective maintenance by intervention upon alarm alerts
  • Spare parts management through outsourcing spare parts, inventory & management, repair & replacement
  • Power generator servicing whereby we do generator installation and commissioning
  • Frequent servicing of generators & routine refuelling of these generators
  • Power auditing and upgrade Electrical infrastructure maintenance install, commission & maintain electric fencing

Maintenance of BTS site lights, security lights and aircraft or navigation lights.

We provide unique solutions, technology, and services capability that help operators, from datacentres to the most remote off-grid mountaintop, keep their networks powered. Our services are used by telecom, wireless and cable broadband service providers to ensure an uninterrupted power supply and convert AC power from a primary power source, such as the electric utility grid, into precisely controlled DC power used for datacentres, central offices, cell towers, outside plant fiber optics and customer premise facilities for mobile internet and cloud computing applications.

While our products continuously adapt to evolving service provider needs, our professional services team relies on decades of experience and proven systems engineering and installation best practices to safely deliver results that exceed our customers’ expectations. We also offer a turnkey platform of comprehensive telecom services ranging from network design and planning, detail engineering, furnishing and installing, all the way to field service, parts and repair – enabling speed to market globally.

Emerson Systems is a leading provider of telecommunication power systems for the telecommunications industry. Emerson Systems provides DC and AC backup power systems in indoor, outdoor enclosures or as rack mount devices to meet different applications. The company’s telecom power systems are widely used in wireless and fixed line environments and are applicable to network equipment, xDSL terminal, mobile broadband, cellular sites, and transmission applications.

For low site power loads and where renewable power sources are an option hybrid systems can save operators millions of dollars per annum across a network. We provide two types of hybrid energy systems: a battery cycling hybrid generator solution and a renewable energy based hybrid solution. Both types reduce the cost per kilowatt hour of energy delivered to a site.

The battery cycling hybrid system comprises a Basic48 or Quiet48 generator and a battery bank (either lead acid or a lithium ion). The generator charges up the battery bank and the site runs off the batteries for several hours or longer, reducing generator run-time and ensuring that the generator is running at high load where it is most efficient. Such systems can provide significant savings in fuel and maintenance costs compared to continuously-running AC generator solutions.

The renewable hybrid system combines a Basic48 or Quiet48 generator with a renewable energy solution based around wind, solar, micro hydro (or a combination of these renewable resources). The renewable energy device is monitored and controlled via an interface into the Remote System Controller within the generator; and the system seamlessly interfaces into the Controllis Remote Management Server, providing reports on renewable usage and system condition. In markets with feed-in tariffs, advanced renewable controllers can enable site operators to earn financial returns from excess energy produced. Our Hybrid solutions can be supplied as single box (combining fuel tank generator and batteries) or as separate components.


Solar Solutions

  • PV Array
  • PV & wind
  • Monitoring and remote alert system
  • Wind turbine
  • Hybrid Controller
  • Genset
  • Charger
  • Storage Battery
  • Load

Our Managed Service provides the complete solution for the management and maintenance across any cell site estate. The regular Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) as well as Operational Reactive Maintenance (ORM) of cell sites adds complexity to the day-to-day business of operating a network. Network operators or those managing the cell site maintenance on their behalf are able to offload this essential task to us as an outsourced service. With both PPM and ORM included, the service enables maintenance schedules to be rationalised to include network upgrades, decommissioning and refurbishment programs.

This holistic approach improves efficiency and reduces cost. For example, by streamlining the scheduling of different engineering teams into unique windows we avoid conflicts and the need to reschedule additional calls to site which increase costs. Geography and terrain are no barriers. From the most remote rural to the most inaccessible urban cell site, Allen Bradley Systems Deploys engineering teams that have the expertise to ensure your network assets are properly maintained and problems rapidly rectified.

 Our Project Management Methodology

Under project management we precisely bring together skills, tools and management processes that ensure successful implementation of projects.


We provide specialist knowledge and experience thus reducing level of risk within a project thereby enhancing success rate. Our engineers are trained and have government certification to work in AC/DC environments.


Our Power engineers are equipped with appropriate tools to enhance success of projects. Specialised tools will be used to ensure that detailed information and data is captured. The following tools will be used to get the desired scope by the client:

  • Battery Conductance tester
  • Fluke true RMS multi-meter
  • Infrared cameras
  • Power analysers
  • Megger meters
  • Cable insulation testers.
  • Electronic humidity testers


We have developed a suite of processes and techniques required to monitor and control time, cost, quality and scope on projects.

 The Technical Delivery Team

Consistent with our Mission statement we have highly skilled personnel spread across our geographical regions of operations. We are thus able to put together highly skilled and specialist teams to deliver on the client’s objectives. Our personnel have broad skills and experience in Power both low voltage and high voltage and have worked in MSC environments for more than 4 years.


We believe in equipping our teams adequately to enable them to perform their duties well. Our test equipment are calibrated on a yearly basis to ensure that true readings are gathered during measurements of various power parameters.

Whether it’s improving your sales team, leadership or even customer service. We can assist. Think of us as your in-house HR expert. We offer HR advisory as a one-off project or on a monthly retainer.

Do you need HR support for your business?

  • Are you in need of proper HR structures in your organization?
  • As a business owner or manager, when you have a problem or need expert HR advice, we know having someone you trust on the other end of the phone makes all the difference.
  • By subcontracting your HR to us, you can trim your HR & admin tasks extensively and take the weight off your shoulders. Trust our HR professional experts to take care of any HR issues you have, and enjoy focusing on what matters to you, your business.

Looking to Recruit & Hire a Top Quality Employee(s)?

  • Are you a business owner looking to hire an employee for a critical role in your organization?
  • Do you want to replace an employee or want to hire for a brand new position?
  • Are you a foreign company interested in hiring Kenyan staff and want a local expert to assist?
  • Are you frustrated with hiring employees who perform very well during interviews but don’t deliver on the job?

Talk to us today if you are searching for HR services in any of the following areas:

  • Employment law advice. Not sure whether the decision you are making is legally sound. We can advise you.
  • Develop sound employment contracts covering all legal and HR aspects.
  • Organizational restructuring or carrying out redundancies. How to let workers go in a legal and ethical way.
  • Develop HR policies, procedures and organizational structure for improved efficiency.
  • Developing job descriptions and KPIs. Are you getting the best value for money from your staff?
  • Performance evaluation system. Implementing performance evaluations and appraisals to ensure maximum staff productivity.
  • Training and development.